When Windows shut download and install updates via Microsoft Update center then on your Start Menu it shows an option to Install Updates and Shut Down, which means first it will install all updates and then shut down your computer.

But suppose you are in hurry then you left with no choice, But today we are going to share a trick which allows you to disable Install Windows Updates And Shut Down Option on your Windows.

  • For this open your run command and type regedit,
  • Now Navigate to


  • Now under Windows create a Key and name it WindowsUpdate,
  • Now again under WindowsUpdate create another key and name it AU,
  • Finally you will be at :-


  • Now select AU and on right hand side pane create a Dword Value and name it as NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption and set its value as 1.


  • Now Windows wont overwrite your Shut Down option instead it will show it under Power option list



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