Mobile internet has become so much popular nowadays due to advance and feature rich mobile OS and browsers too. Many Service providers are introducing LTE around the world which is also helping in the growth of internet on handheld devices.

Opera Software has introduced a feature call Opera Turbo long time ago in their mobile browser which send data through proxy server which compress the web pages. Opera Software has introduced Turbo for desktop version of Opera too, it is very useful for those who have low internet coverage.

Google has already launched compression technology called Zopfli which compress webpages so that it can load faster. Now Goog,e is going to introduce similar feature for Chrome on Android.

François Beaufort has said that Google is working on similar feature like Opera Turbo for Chrome on Android which will compress webpages so that data consumption can be reduced.

This feature is currently not enabled by default but you can enable it via passing a command, for this connect your phone to your computer and in ADB Shell pass following command :-

adb shell ‘echo “chrome –enable-spdy-proxy-auth” > /data/local/tmp/content-shell-command-line’

According to Beaufort Google is going to use SPDY proxy servers to reduce data compression and load web pages faster.


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