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Picasa is a good online storage media where you can store your pics and can share them with your friends.

Google has just updated Picasa and now it more fun and easy to use it,In Picasa you will 1 GB of memory to store files (Pics and Videos).

Now even you had used all 1GB of memory you can upload your media to it and its for free,Now you must ask HOW ?

Actually Google had changed the Picasa upload policy, Now pics having 800 Pixels or less and videos smaller than 15 min wont be count in your space.

In the past, each image and video you uploaded counted toward your free 1GB. Now, uploaded images that are 800 pixels or smaller and videos that are 15 minutes or less in length no longer count against your free storage limit.

800-pixels is a good size for sharing pictures on the web, but if you prefer uploading your images at a larger size for better quality (archival or print), and you are nearing the 1GB limit, you can always purchase additional storage for as little as $5/year.

How To Check Used Space :-

To check used space in picasa just navigate your page below and you will find your currently used space.