Opera team has released another Alpha version of its upcoming web browser Opera 12 aka Wahoo.

According to Opera, this release contain some worthwhile changes in it.


Desktop :-

  • All of the remaining fixes from 11.61 Final
  • Various crashes resolved
  • DSK-256608 Spell-checker incorrectly shown as enabled for single-line input fields
  • DSK-340816 Address field focus lost on restart when installing extensions with a toolbar button
  • DSK-355547 Dragging and dropping a tab too high can result in the marker being left behind and a new window created
  • DSK-352185 Mail grouping dialog checkbox can’t be clicked when using two screens
  • DSK-340582 Buttons in Content Blocker Toolbar aren’t visible when browser window width is too small
  • DSK-319646 Can’t easily save/open files downloaded in tiny pop-up windows
  • DSK-354862 Active dialogs are sent to foreground of all applications
  • DSK-337684 Quick find in Bookmarks Manager doesn’t work when a folder is selected in the left column before performing a search
  • DSK-332303 Don’t show login dialogs when fetching favicons on upgrade

Mac :-

  • DSK-353761 File uploads and form submissions fail with a timeout
  • DSK-341687 Crash when re-closing already closed windows
  • DSK-346719 Crash when zooming with datalist suggestion box open
  • DSK-349576 Context menus for Opera Unite, Turbo, and Link services shown on primary screen if windows positioned at the bottom of secondary screen

Windows :-

  • DSK-265591 Opera’s task tray icon is not recreated when Windows explorer is restarted
  • DSK-353888 Mouse cursor is not reset to default after right-clicking

Windows | Mac OS X | Linux/FreeBSD


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