It seems that Microsoft is putting lots of effort on its eMail service Outlook, recently they had introduced IMAP service for it and now Microsoft has added email Aliases for Outlook.

Like earlier Google has added email aliases for Gmail which allows you to add addition text to your email and use it to signup on other services like,in this case any email from that chat service will be delivered to

It was also possible to add filters so that any email from or to that email will land on specific folder only.

Now today Microsoft has also introduced same email aliases for outlook too, it works in similar way. You can add “+” and you will have your special email address which you can use on any forums or any other service.


You can also create rules so that you can properly manage emails which arrived for that special email aliases.

Additionally you can also create rule for your incoming emails for a specific alias like in my case I want to transfer all incoming mails for specific alias to Chat folder so I had created a simple rule. You can create one by navigating to Setting and then create or manage rules.


Closing words :-

It’s a nice feature as some users will make good use of it but I prefer to use separate email address instead of any alias.

What you have to say on this, share your views in comment section.


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