GeoHot Working For Facebook?

GeoHot the famous hacker of iOS who made unlocking of iPhones and iPod touch possible.And recently he came up with LimeRa1n exploit which can be used in iOS 5 to jailbreak.

GeoHot also came into news as he was sued by Sony as he had jailbreak PS3, but later both Sony and GeoHot settled out of the court.

From a long time GeoHot was out of the news and now a news is coming that he is working for Facebook, At first site it seems unexpected to me but later when I take a look at his Facebook profile.

On his page he had updated an status which says :-

is Facebook is really an amazing place to work…first hackathon over.

If you planning to send a friend request to him then hold down a minute, as you visit his Facebook Profile you don’t find and Add As Friend button.