Well sometime many companies launch there products only in USA first and then they will take sometime to launch in other part of the world. Like Google has recently launched Nexus 7 but they hasn’t announce date for the launch of product in India or other part of the world.

So if you cant wait for the launch of product in your country then you can buy product from US and get it shipped to your country, How let see.

Ask your Relatives

Well the most easiest and convenient way of getting product from US is to ask your relative who is in US and coming to your country very soon. Well this method is convenient because you don’t have to pay any custom duty here.

Ask Package And Forwarding Company

Well if you can find any relative there then you can ask any Package Forwarding companies to forward product to your country. They charge for this service but at the end you will get product.

How these service works?

When you make an account with these Package Forwarding companies you will get an Account Number and Address of there warehouse., At the time of purchasing product from any website you can provide that address and when your product reach Package Forwarding warehouse you can simply ask them to forward product to your address.

They will send product and when product will land in your country you have to pay custom duty as the rules of your country, Once you clear customs then you have your product in hand. The service of these companies is quite fast, I had my product in just 4 days.

What If Website Not Accept Your Credit Card ?

Some online stores wont accept your International Credit card unless it has US based billing address in it. So in that case you might use Buy For Me service provided by many Package Forwarding provider like by comGateway.

In this you make payment to comGateway and tell them what product you need and then they will buy for you and made payment from there cards which are accepted by all merchants and then they will ship it to you. They will charge extra for this service but over all you will get your product.

Some popular Package Forwarder :-


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