Earlier there were set of images leaked online which give us a detail look of Nokia EOS, the Nokia EOS is expected to come with Lumia 920 features along with PureView 41 Mega Pixel camera. Now a video is floating on internet which gives us a impression of shutter mechanism on the PureView camera.

In this a minute long video we can see close-up of PureView camera which looks quite similar to earlier leaks. The phones design also looks very much similar to of Nokia Lumia 920 This phone might be a bit heavier than other Lumia phones due to high built quality.

We can also see 2 pogo pins at back to connect wireless charging covers, which means it wont come with this feature out of box.

Till now we know that 4.5-inch (720p) AMOLED WXGA display screen with polycarbonate body, at back it will have 41 MP camera which can shot full HD video.


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