As we had already told you that Microsoft has launched a new email service Outlook.Com, which comes with a new UI, very similar to of Windows 8.

But if you like to do work fast then you might find that using mouse makes your work slow and rather using mouse its much better to use keyboard shortcuts, If you had used desktop Outlook client then you don’t have problem to use web based Outlook.Com as keyboard shortcuts for both are same. If you don’t know shortcuts then here are those.

Action Shortcut
Delete Message Delete
Create Message Ctrl+N
Send Message Ctrl+Enter
Open Message Ctrl+Shift+O
Print Message Ctrl+Shift+P
Reply To Message Ctrl+R
Reply All To Message Ctrl+Shift+R
Forward Message Ctrl+Shift+F
Save Message As Draft Ctrl+S
Flag Message For Follow Up L
Categorize Message C
Mark Message As Junk Ctrl+Shift+J
Mark Message As read Ctrl+Q
Mark Message As Unread Ctrl+U
Move To A Folder Ctrl+Shift+V
Open Next Message Ctrl+.
Open Previous Message Ctrl+,
Close Message Esc
Search Your Email Message /
Check Spelling F7
Select All S then A
Deselect All S then N
Go to Inbox F then I
Go To Drafts F then D
Go to Send folder F then S


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