BitDefender is a well known security software and many firms relies their data on it, Now They are going to introduce BitDefender Total Security 2012 soon, but at this time they had released Beta version which is freely available to all.

According to BitDefender :-

The latest version of BitDefender’s flagship PC security product has been designed with convenience in mind to offer the most secure, efficient and user-friendly experience. Florin Virlan, BitDefender Engineering Director, Consumer Products Division observed:

"From a user interaction point of view, the new Auto-pilot mode is probably the most notable change. When you turn it on, no alerts are generated anymore and all decisions are made automatically. We’re excited to see what real-life users think about it"

“With data security an increasing concern, we’ve also added data synchronization between computers and improved the secure online backup. We’re confident this is the best version of BitDefender yet and look forward to the input we’ll gather from the BETA period.”

Other changes include a Scan Dispatcher which runs scanning tasks (including a recurring system scan) in slices of time which are otherwise unused, so that system load from scanning does not interfere with the normal usage of the computer. The BitDefender Rescue CD has also evolved into a bootable Linux environment suitable for cleaning and restoration work, available directly from the host computer.

You can download Free version using below link :-

Download page