Recently Samsung has launched its latest flagship phone’s, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, and from past couple of days Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are the talk of tech fans and for about a month they will be talking only as Samsung has said that they will start global roll out of these devices in the month of April which means if you want to get your hands dirty and want to feel all new design which Samsung has introduced on theses devices then you have to wait for a month.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

At the launch Samsung has mainly focused on its design, what material they had used to make it more premium device and so on, when it comes to software part Samsung has very less to say, company did said that they had heavily optimized this new software and now its more powerful and fast, will consume less power.

Its true Samsung has wrapped its software part very soon at the launch event but it doesnt mean there is nothing new in it, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will ship with some cool and nice apps and if you want to feel them then you dont have to wait for a month, yes an XDA developer Albe95 has posted 10 app which will ship with these two devices.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy S5

Developer has said that these app will work best with Lollipop TouchWiz UI but there are some users who have reported that some of the app are working on earlier version also, so try your luck and download an install these app to get taste of them.

Here is list of Galaxy S6 apps which you can download :-

  • S6 S Note
  • S6 like SystemUI (Statusbar and Recents)
  • S6 and S6 Edge Lockscreen and Home Wallpapers
  • S6 Optical Reader
  • S6 GeoNews
  • S6 GearManager
  • S6 Gear Fit
  • S6 Smart Remote
  • S6 Smart Switch
  • S6 Kids Mode

To download these app, just head over to XDA Forum and download and install app you would like to try, there is nothing to do when it comes to install these app, install them just like any APK.

Do share your feedback after installing these apps, are they working on your device or not !!!!


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