Dell Venue 7 BackCouple of months back, our Chief Editor Rahul has reviewed Dell laptop – I5 3000 series laptop which came from GreenDust, in actual GreenDust is one of India’s largest online store which sell open-box, refurbished, factory seconds, and surplus products. Recently I got Dell Venue 7 from GreenDust, earlier I was thinking that there might some physical damage and that’s the reason this product is available on GreenDust, and I had already prepared myself for such things.

Dell Venue 7 Front

But when I got product, first thing what I did is checked product carefully and tried to find out is there any physical damage on the product, after spending an hour or so, I wasnt able to find any physical damage, then I remembered what GreenDust use to say, before selling any product they fully restore product into its original stage which I saw on Dell Venue 7.

What was more surprising is that when I got product it was in its box, fully wrapped and all accessories along with manuals was there, which is something again I was not expecting but it feels good that you are getting all things which you might have got when you had purchased a new product.

On first launch I thought it might be update to date and will be running on latest version of firmware, but it was running on out-dated version, and I need to update it which took quite a long time. I would like comment that on our first boot we faced couple of issues and many times system UI crashed, but soon after update that issue was solved.

Dell Venue 7 Back

Another thing to note here is that all accessories which we got in the box are certified one and all of them were working very fine which again a good thing for consumer.

Final Words

The overall experience with Dell Venue 7 was very good, its worth mentioning over here is that, I too have an original Dell Venue 7 which I had bought way back when it was launched in India, and mine Dell Venue 7 and this one which I got for review, almost seems same, I feel no shame on telling that even I was jealous of this one.

Overall, I had nice experience with this refurbished Dell Venue 7 as we haven’t faced any issue with it, there were no scratches on display, build quality was solid and it feels almost as the new one, yes we did faced some software glitches but soon it was gone when I updated it.

I know many of you might be expecting a product review but actually this post is somewhat GreenDust review post, I wanted to share my personal experience about product with you


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