Have you ever wondered what happen to those product which has minor production errors arises due to some production fault or any damage which happened while device is being ship?, no matter how much company repair those devices, as per general rule, these defected products are sent to companies warehouse and they can’t be sold as new product, so a question arises, what happen to these products and does it worth to purchase these products?

GreenDust is a website which sells refurbished products, now you might ask what are these refurbished products, actually these product which has some manufacturing defects or products which are returned due to some defects which user find in the product.

GreenDust Dell Laptop

Is it fine to buy these refurbished products, does they worth, to get an idea we have received a product from the company which gave us idea how these products will be and what users get, for our test we have got Dell laptop – I5 3000 series laptop. In this review we mostly talk about the GreenDust quality and will not be reviewing laptop.

GreenDust says any product which comes to them goes through 50 point Quality inspection process, and then only they resell any product on their website. One can easily get around 30%-40% of discount on these factory second products.

Was product in good condition?

GreenDust Dell Laptop Details

This is one of the main question which most of you must be asking, so in total yes product which we have received was in very well condition, however we did noticed some stickers coming out of the laptop, but that’s not the big deal at all. Company claims that once they received any product, they try to identify the defect and then restore whole product into its original state, and our laptop was in its almost original condition.

GreenDust Dell Laptop Intel Logo

What Issue we have faced with product?

The product which we have received was very well packed, has all package contents which you might get when you buy a new one, the only issue which we faced in our usage is that this laptop crashed lots of times, when we were playing games it got crashed most of the time, even when we were not doing anything on laptop, we faced BSOD hell lots of times, this could be due to some software issue, but our machine was running on brand new Windows OS with no extra software on top of it, so we have our doubts regarding any software issue.

Is it recommended to buy products from GreenDust?

Well first I would like to tell you that on GreenDust website, not only GD is selling refurbished products, but there are some third-party seller who are selling their refurbished products also, so it’s always recommended to check the rating of those seller, for a safer side I would suggest you to buy only those products which were refurbished by GreenDust.

GreenDust Product Page

GreenDust provides one year of warranty to the users, were other seller mostly give only three months warranty, so do check for seller on product page.

GreenDust do have plenty of physical stored across the country, so if anything goes wrong with your product then you can visit those stores and get your things done.

Personal Experience :-

Apart from review, in past I had ordered couple of products from GreenDust itself and till now I haven’t faced any issue with those product, couple of months back I had order an 4TB Seagate external hard disk from GreenDust, and I got it for 65% discount, it was a factory second product but when I received that product, it was restored to its original state and I was not able to detect what was the defect on it.

Final Word :-

In total GreenDust is a nice platform which is not only reducing the burden of Manufacturer by selling their factory second product but at the same time company is providing good products with high discount to the user.

Before making any purchase on GreenDust, we would suggest you to try to get products which were refurbished by GreenDust, or if you are buying product from any third-party seller then do check seller’s rating.

Amazon.Com is selling refurbished product from a long time in US, and now recently they have decided to sell refurbished products from some manufacturer’s here in India as well, so it will be interesting to see how these new web services makes a difference in the market and what new they will offer to the user.


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