If you are a Opera lover than here is a good news for you,Opera team has released a new beta version,Opera 10.60 Beta,It incorporates new features and stability adjustments.

They had added few new features like :-

  • Geolocation services
  • Offline Web Applications
  • Web Workers
  • WebM

Few features are upgraded and Improved.Opera team has worked hard on its interface.


  • The ability to show suggestions in the search field when using Wikipedia
  • Added “Menu” to the Opera button
  • Icons are replacing thumbnails for some internal tab types, such as mail and downloads
  • Scrollbar knob resizing to correspond with big pages
  • Add Opera Portal to “Subscribe to this feed using.

This version is only available for Windows user in just English.

You may use following link to download:-


Releasing Notes/Changelog


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