Microsoft has added Ribbon interface in MS Office 2007 and from there many people started loving this new kind of interface.

Microsoft has added this ribbon interface in Windows explorer in Windows 8, its look nice and allows you to perform many things very easily as things are in front of you and you can do those with just one click.

If you had loved this Ribbon Interface and wanna this on your Windows 7 then you can use BExplorer aka Better Explorer.

Better Explorer

BExplorer comes with many exciting features, one of them is that it supports Tabs, means you can open more than one Tabs in one Explorer, just like you do in your browsers.

As you can minimize Ribbon in MS Office 2010 same you can do here to, and gain more space in Explorer.

Features :-

  • Supports Tabs,
  • Can be minimized,
  • Provide Windows 8 look,
  • Up Button


P.S. This project is under development, so you might face some problems and get some bugs, if so please report to the developers.


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