Top 10 Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Recently Samsung has launched its latest Note series smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4 in India which was announced in pre-IFA event in Berlin. Note 4 comes with lots of new features and Samsung has also improved some of its exiting features so that users will be able to make most of it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Best Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

We had tested this phone and here are some of the best features which we had found on Note 4 :-

#1 Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a beautiful design language, you will find metallic frame all around its body which gives it a elegant look, at back you will find leather finish which we had seen in some Samsung tablets also.

Despite of being a big device, when you hold Note 4 in hand you will find its so much light weighted and its design gives you a premium feel. At back it has curved body which makes its easy to hold and provide better grip. Its just 176g and is 8.5mm thick.

#2 Screen

Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 5.7 inch 2.5D display screen which is quite smooth and sharp as well.Note 4 has quad-HD (4 times of a normal HD screen) with Super Amoled screen with 3.7 million pixels (2560 x 1440).

#3 S Pen

S Pen is one of the main feature of Note series and Samsung has done a lot of work to make it easy to use. S Pen is the one features in Note series phone which make it stand out in crowd of smartphones.

S Pen is twice as sensitive as compared with S Pen of Note 3, and now its sensitivity pressure is increased to 2048 points. Now you can use S Pen just like you use your traditional mouse and you can highlight multiple images and text with it, for this just press physical button placed on S Pen and drag it though images or text to highlight them.

#4 Multi-Tasking

Samsung has introduced multi-tasking in its Note series phone but in earlier Note smartphone multi-tasking was a little painful, but here in Note 4 Samsung has taken multi-tasking to new level and its much easier to use. You can just swipe from any top corner to open app in pop-up window.

In Note 3 you can only open 2 app in multi-tasking but here in Note 4 you can open multiple app and they will be shown  in very nice manner in pop-up mode, you will be able to reduce the size of app window to give more room to another app. You can also minimize app to floating icon as well.

In total you will enjoy Multi-Tasking on Galaxy Note 4.

#5 Battery

Battery is one of the most crucial thing on every smartphone, its the power of your device, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with 3220 mAh battery which is quite good enough to keep your device alive a whole day. Note 4 comes with with power saving mode and its processor and power efficient and it can last more than 7.5 percent as compared with Note 3.

Samsung has introduced fast charging mode which can charge your device from 0 to 50 percent in just 30 minutes and if in future you find problem with battery then you can change it as it has removable battery.

#6 Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with 16MP rear snapper with auto-focus, Smart OIS  and Sony IMX240 sensor. We had tested camera and it produce sharp images which has good details. Its back camera is capable of taking 4K videos as well.

AT front it has got a 3.7MP camera which has wide angle selfie mode and can take panoramic selfie of up to 120 degrees wide which means you can take group selfie without leaving anyone left out, at back it has a heart rate sensor which can be used as a shutter button for taking selfies.

#7 Hardware

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is powered by 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 chipset quad-core processor, along with 3GB of RAM, it comes with inbuilt 32GB internal storage which can be expandable up to 64GB via microSD card. For connectivity it has Wi-Fi 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac, GPS/ Glonass, NFC, Bluetooth v 4., IR LED, USB 2.0, and MHL 3.0

#8 S-Health App

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with S-Health app which can act like your personal trainer for you. Note 4 has Barometer, Hall Sensor, Finger Scanner, UV, Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 (Dependent on market).  Note 4 supports lots of fitness bands so that data can be more accurate.

#9 Finger Print Scanner and Sensors

Note 4 also comes with fingerprint scanner which we had seen in Galaxy S5. Finger print scanner in embed on home button and you can swipe on it to unlock your device. Paypal is Samsung’s partner, so you can make payment by authorizing via finger print scanner.

It also comes with all regular sensors which you can expect in a smartphone like proximity and barometer sensors, but it also comes with some extra sensors like UV monitor which can warn you about sunlight exposure and it can warn you about dangerous UV levels.

#10 IR Remote Controller

Samsung Note 4 comes with an IR blaster and a Smart Remote app which can be used to control any IR remote capable device. It means you can use Note 4 to control your home theater system, your TV, Set-Top-Box and other devices.

These are the top features which we find on Galaxy Note 4, if you have like any other features then share it with us.

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