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Display A Legal Notice At The Start Up Of Windows

Do you share your computer with others?? Do you wanna show some kind of notice to everyone whenever they start pc??? If yes then here is a method from which you can show...

Make Windows Vista Super Fast

This is the second part of our series to make your Windows Super Fast,Earlier we had told How To Make Windows Xp Super Fast Today we are going to tell you how to...

Now Make Printless PDF Files In Windows Too

Remember some times back we had showed you a way by which you will not be able to Create Print PDF Files, but at that time it was only available for...

Hide Your Whole HARD DRIVE

We all are very familiar with hiding any File Or Folder, all you need to do is Right Click on FILE/FOLDER and Select HIDDEN from its PROPERTY. Did you ever wonder is...

Transparent Media Player For Windows XP, Vista And 7

Yesterday we had shared Aero Media player which is a nice media player for Windows Vista And Windows 7 users, its UI is nice. Now we are going to share...

Create Shortcut To Restart Windows Explorer

Couple of days ago we had shared a trick from which you can restart your Windows Explorer right from your context menu:- Restart Your Windows Explorer From Your Context Menu Few readers had...

Windows Boot Screen Collection, Boot Screen Of Windows 1.0 To Windows 7

Yesterday I had told you about the History Of Windows, How 25 year ago Windows started its journey and what changes Microsoft made in it. Now its time to show you a...

Get Windows 8 Like Aero Auto-Colorization In Windows Vista And Windows 7

Few weeks ago we had shared that Windows 8 will feature Aero Auto-Colorization which automatically changes the Color of Aero like Windows Explorer, Start Menu and Taskbar according to the color...

Take Ownership Of Any File From Context Menu In Windows Vista And Window 7

If you are using Windows 7 Or Windows Vista then you may know we have to take Ownership of Any System Files before making any kind of changes in it otherwise...

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows XP, Windows Vista And Windows 7

Download a single transformation pack which will transform your Windows in to Windows 8 and you will get new look on your same machine.