Say your smartphone is running out of battery and you urgently needs to charge your phone so that you wont miss any of your calls or emails on the go, then suddenly you see a public charging booth, you can find such booths on Airports, Shopping Malls and so on.

But you know if you use those public charging booths to charge your phone then there is always a risk of data theft, those USBs are same which you use to transfer data when you are at home so if you use such unfamiliar chargers then beware of data stealing.


So how to protect data and charge phone? USB Condoms available at Int3.CC is a new device which protects you while your phone is on charging.

USB Condoms blocks data transfer pin while leaving charging pins open so that you can charge phone without any worry.

This device is not yet available for purchase but it will be available by next week, it could be a handy device if you regularly charge phone in office or public booths.


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