Microsoft has added a nice feature in its Windows called Hibernate, it allows you to save your work or session and turn off your computer, and when you turn on your computer you will find all your work resumed right from where you had left it.

By default Hibernate Option is not enabled in Windows 7, you can enable it by typing a following command in your Command Prompt :-

powercfg –h on

Make sure you are running your Command prompt as Administrator otherwise you get insufficient privilege error.

But many users has reported that even after typing above command they hadn’t got Hibernate option, So here we will so you how to get that option.

  • First make sure you had enabled it from Command Prompt,
  • Now Type Power in your Start Menu search and then you will get and option Power Option in search click on it,
  • Then on left on left side you will see an option of Change When The Computer Sleeps, click on it,


  • Then Click on Advance Power Option,


  • Now a dialog box will come up, First select Balanced from drop down menu, and then under Sleep option turn of option saying Allow Hybrid Sleep.


  • That’s it now check your Start Menu you should have got Hibernate option,


To know more take a look at the video below :-


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