Thursday, January 21, 2021

GetaLink Allows You To Send Big Files Without Any Hassle

Many times we need to send videos, images and other files to our friends, it could be a picnic video, birthday party images and so on, the easiest method is via...

Get SMS Alert For Important Mails With This Google Script

Many times we are waiting for an important mail and for that we keep checking our mailbox, but if you are on the go then it might not be possible for...

Facebook Added Voice Calling To It Messenger In India

It seems that Facebook is competing with messaging apps operating in India like Viber and Line which allows voice calling over internet, as per reports Facebook has also added voice calling...

[Full Guide] Install YOURLS And Create Your Own Short URL Service

Nowadays you must be using short URL service like or to shorten any long URL so that you will be able to share those short URL across various social...

Convert Email To PDF With PdfConvert.Me

Sometime we need to convert an email to PDF so that we can share it with others or use for other purpose, this job can be easily done if you are...

Google Update Gmail Quick Action Buttons For YouTube And Dropbox

Google is always known for making your life easy, now Google has added new options to quick action buttons in Gmail which lets you do certain things without opening mails. Now Google...

Download APK Files For Any Android App

If you are a tech savvy then you might know about APK files, if you are not then APK stands for Android Application Package, basically same as EXE files found for...

Yahoo! Mail Updated, Brings 1TB Storage, Fresh Design And Much More

Today Yahoo! turns to 16 years old and on this occasion they had updated their service. Yahoo has updated its mail across all platforms like PC, Mobile and tablet. It brings...

Few YouTube Tricks Which You Might Don’t Know

No doubt YouTube is one the few places where we go first if we want to see any trailer, show, music video or any other kind of video. But using YouTube...

Get eMail notification When A Webpage Changes With VisualPing

On many occasions we wants to monitor a webpage or website so that we can keep track it, let say you wants to monitor a news webpage so that if webpage...


Open PSD Files Without Using Adobe Photoshop

PSD files are created using Adobe Photoshop.PSD means PhotoShop Document.PSD image files may include image layers, adjustments, masks, notes, information’s and other elements that...