Many times we need to send videos, images and other files to our friends, it could be a picnic video, birthday party images and so on, the easiest method is via email, but nowadays most of the email providers allows you to attach files up to the size of 10 MB, it could be a small number if you are sending a video. Another way is via FTP but that requires some technical knowledge.


Today we are going to share a online web-service, GetaLink, which allows you which allows you to send files up to the size of 4 GB on one go for free and another thing is that it does not requires any registration from you and you can start without downloading anything.

Interface of Getalink is very simple and easy to use, to upload files you can either click on Add files button or just drag and drop files on it, you can upload multiple files. You can use this service to send files to anyone, anywhere around the world. This website do saves lots of time which you could devote in setting up FTP server, file permissions and so on.

Once you upload file you will get a unique URL which you could share on IMs, emails, social networking sites and so on. Your uploaded files will be there for 3 days and your friends can download files as many times as they want within that 3 days period.

Final words :-

Getalinks seems to be a very useful web service due to its simple to use interface and upload file size limit which allows you to send big files without any hassle, but we do file 3 days limit is little bit too short.

Visit Getalink


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