If you share your computer with children’s and wanna protect them from some websites which might be suitable for them then the simple solution is to block that website on your computer.

You can do this simply by editing host file present in your system, but some of you might not feel easy to do this, in this situation you can use a simple and free utility Any WebLock.

It allows you to block any website on your local computer, it work fine with all web browsers, and displays a fake error page. No network knowledge required to configure. You only need to know the domain/subdomain names of the websites to be blocked.

You can password protect this app from unauthorized use, you can add as many as sites as you want, Export and import to share block list among computers

If anything went wrong then you can easily roll back because it automatically creates backup for it.


Features :-

  • Works with any web browser
  • Block websites and additional subdomains
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access
  • Blocking remains intact even after uninstalling, unless properly unblocked by this program.
  • Export and import to share block list among computers
  • Auto-backup and roll back to a previous backup



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