BlackBerry is going to update its BB10 OS later this month along with the launch of BlackBerry Q10, folks over BBIN has posted some images and detailed explanation about the feature which is going to be introduced in BB 10.1 OS.

BB 10.1 OS will feature like Mnemonic Phone Dialing, BlackBerry Mobile Voice System Support, Keyboard  Shortcuts, BlackBerry Balance, Word Prediction, Type N Go, Corporate Liable Feature, Cross Domain Email Warnings, Dark Theme Support, Out-of-Box-Experience, Smartcard Support

However BlackBerry has warned that some of these feature will work only on BlackBerry Q10 if compared with BlackBerry Z10 as it hasphysical keyboard.

Type N Go takes your search to next level, to use it you have to press Space bar and then Type any command like BBM, eMail, call, MMS/SMS and so on.

Word Prediction lets see three words at the bottom of the screen, you can tap on the words to use them.
With Mnemonic phone dialing you could dial phone numbers by name or number. BlackBerry has also added some new shortcuts like Space bar to scroll down, Shift+Space Bar to scroll up, ‘i’ to zoom in and ‘o’ to zoom and lots more.


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