ASUS today announced ZenWatch, its first wearable device powered by Android Wear and produced in partnership with Google, as expected this smartwatch is priced at $199 or around Rs. 12,000 which makes it cheapest smartwatch in the market. ZenWatch follows the tradition of fine watchmaking with its stylish, detail-focused design and use of high quality materials.

Asus Zenwatch

Asus ZenWatch has a rectangular dial which is made up of steel and has a brown leather belt that gives a rich and elegant feel to you. It has a curved-display with a quick-release steel clasp. ZenWatch comes with a wide selection of instantly-changeable watch faces (around 100 different watch faces) to fit any style or mood like a range of digital faces and those which imitate the hands of a mechanical watch.

If we talk about specs then Asus ZenWatch has a 1.63-inch curved AMOLED display screen with screen resolution of 320×320 pixel which is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, it is powered by 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor along with 512MB RAM and has 4GB of storage and for connectivity it has Bluetooth 4.0.


ZenWatch is waterproof with rating of IP55 and has a bio sensor which can measure your heart rate. The Asus ZenWatch has an in-built microphone and as per batery Asus claims that the battery would last for a day. And as told earlier it runs on Android Wear Asus’s customized Zen UI which is somewhat unusual as Google has asked manufacturers not to add their own UI on top of Android Wear.

ASUS ZenWatch is compatible with all smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher, providing users with a convenient window to view incoming calls, messages, notifications, and other important information, without having to remove their phone from their pocket. When paired with the ASUS ZenWatch Manager smartphone app, ZenWatch provides enhanced smartphone integration, the ability to configure each ASUS watch face on the phone, and advanced features including ASUS ZenUI integration(on ASUS smartphones).


Watch Unlock which lets users quickly unlock their phone or tablet simply by touching the watch face, With Tap Tap, users can assign a favorite ZenWatch function that can be triggered simply by double-tapping the watch face., Cover to Mute lets users easily mute an incoming call by placing their hand over the face of ZenWatch, and Find My Phone helps users find their phone when it is misplaced by ringing it remotely.Two additional features, Remote Camera and Presentation Control are available by using ZenWatch with the ASUS Remote Camera and ASUS Remote Link smartphone apps.

It also comes with Wellness app generates a combination of stats including steps taken, calories burned, activity duration, heart rate, exercise intensity and relaxation level. The stats are presented as an informative timeline and weekly summary view that lets users know at a glance how active their lifestyle is.


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