Back in 2009 when Rovio has launched its first Angry Bird game for iOS platform it has bring storm in mobile gaming industry. Soon Rovio has launched this Angry Birds game on other platform like Android and Windows Phone and also launched new titles of this game. Some of these were free and some of them are paid. But slowly and slowly craze of this game declined and users moved to other games like Temple Run or Subway Surfer.

All Angry-Birds Games Area Now Free On Windows Phone Platform
All Angry-Birds Games Area Now Free On Windows Phone Platform

Rovio, the makers of this popular games wants to continue the interest of gamers in it and that’s why they had made all titles of this game free for Windows Phone users. You can now download games like Angry Birds, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Star Wars, Bad Piggies, and Angry Birds Roost at no cost. Earlier we had seen some of these titles were free on Windows Phone platform but now Windows Phone users can download all titles for free.

At this time its not sure for how long this offer is valid but as company hasnt announced any promotional activity so we can assume this will be a permanent activity and now all Angry Birds will be free for Windows Phone users.

Which of these Angry Bird games you like most, is your favorite and why, share your views with us in comment section.


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