How To Get Back Favorites Bar, Command Bar and Status Bar in IE9

If you had recently updated your IE to Internet Explorer 9 Beta,then you must have noticed that Favorites Bar, Command Bar and Status Bar are disabled by default.

If you wanna bring them back then here is the method :-

Open your IE9 and right click on its tab bar and select the the options which you wanna bring back.

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  • anonymous

    The real problem is even if they can be “brought back”, most features from these bars have been removed for those who want them. The status bar doesn’t show ANY info except hovered hyperlink and zoom button. Not happy Microsoft. Removing features has become such a fad now-a-days under the pretext of “simplifying”.

    • Well as it is a Beta release you might find some bugs,
      Let see what improvement will be made in 2nd Beta

  • Old Commect System-->