Microsoft has recently released the Beta version of Windows 8 to public and many of you had downloaded and installed it on your computer.

Windows 8 has a very minimal designed Logon screen, it has not Aero effect no branding logo, aurora effect and so on. It’s a very simple logon screen.

If you wanna enjoy same logon screen on your Windows 7 pc then you can use Win8 Consumer Preview logon for Win7 designed by PeterRollar at DA. When you use, it will replace Windows 7 default logon screen and provide you Windows 8 like logon screen.


How To get :-

  • First we need to Take Ownership of 2 files from Windows directory, because we are going to replace them, for it you can use any of below 2 method :-

“Take Control” A Simple Tool To Take Ownership Of System Files

Take Ownership Of Any File From Context Menu In Windows Vista And Window 7

  • Now go to %WinDir%BrandingBasebrd and Take ownership of basebrd.dll file, and make its backup by renaming it as basebrd.dll_bak,
  • Now go to %WinDir%System32 and Take Ownership of authui.dll file, and make its backup by renaming it as authui.dll_bal,
  • Now you had taken ownership means you can delete/edit or modify your system,
  • Now download Windows 8 Logon Screen,
  • Extract the package and you will get 2 folders, x64 Files and x86 Files, Open folder according to your system,
  • There you will find 2 files, basebrd.dll and authui.dll,
  • Copy and paste basebrd.dll in %WinDir%BrandingBasebrd and paste authui.dll in %WinDir%System32 folder,
  • That’s it Windows will use these new file for your logon screen.

Note :- It will work only in Windows 7 SP1, if you had not installed Service pack 1 then dont try it.


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