If you using Torrent from  quite long time then you must notice some relation in Seeds and torrent file.

Actually when you download a Torrent file which is of approx 20 Kb but it can download data in GB’s, Actually Torrent file only contains the information of data like Seeds, Peers and Hash.

Many of my friends and readers often ask me What Seeds and Peers means?

Before answering to this question I will like to tell you some basic of Torrent which I think many of you don’t know.As I told you torrent file doesn’t contain the data which you need but it has information regarding it.

So where is data?? Does it is hosted on any Server?, Actually no, No server in this world host any file which is downloaded by torrent file.

As you know torrent is many times used to share illegal files like Music release, Films and yes leak software’s etc, So if any server host those data then Companies can take legal action against the owner of that server.

So where the hell files are?

Actually when anyone creates torrent file his computer acts as server and he is hosting file and uploading for others who are downloading, when a person download that file he also start uploading it for other.

Torrent download data in Pieces, mean no person upload file 24X7, So it takes pieces from different computer and combine it in your pc.

Lets take a EX suppose you are downloading a file name TechnoArea which is of 1 GB in size and currently file is already downloaded by 4 persons name, A, B, C and D.

So what happens Torrent will take some data from A some from B some from C and some from D and it combines all data at the end.

Seeders are those guys who had completed the downloading the file and currently uploading files for sharing it, and Peers are those guys who are currently downloading file and they had partial copy and also uploading files.

Now you may ask what is the relation between Seeders and torrent file?

As large the number of Seeders will be as good downloading speed you will get.