Yesterday, Vu Televisions has updated its Television series here in India by launching massive portfolio of 15 new TVs, and the best part is that here VU has tried to cover almost all segments as prices of these TVs is ranging between Rs. 9,000 to Rs, 90,000, as you can see with this price tag VU has tried to offer something for almost all kind of buyers. These TVs will be available only on Flipkart from early March.


Here VU has categorized TV into three, Affordable here four television has been launched sizes from 46 inches to 65 inches. These sleek televisions have pinch thin bezels and budget-friendly prices so that more customers can adorn a large TV in their living room to enjoy with family and friends.

Personal, in this category 5 TVs been launched with size ranging between 19 inches up to 42 inches, these includes HD and Full HD TVs, which you can buy, these small size televisions have the connectivity necessary to get content off of mobiles and laptops and onto a proper screen.

And the last category is Hi-Fi 4K Ultra HD category and it covers 6 TVs ranging between 42 inch to 84 inch, out of 6 TVs, three TVs – 50 Inch VU LED-50K310X3D, 55 Inch VU LED 55XT780XWAU3D and 85 Inch VU LED-85XT910 are 4k Smart 3D televisions and VU LED – 65XT800XWAU3D features a curved 4K smart 3D display screen.

At launch Devita Saraf, CEO and Design Head, Vu Televisions, commented :-

“Years ago, Vu entered the television market with a limited range of products available in stores. Today, Vu is launching a vast range of television sizes and configurations to compete with the likes of Sony, Samsung, and LG – and these new televisions are available to the public for purchase online.”

“Last October Vu experienced unexpected success with the Vu Android TV which launched exclusively on It was sold out during the pre-launch period. Customers have been demanding more Vu products online, and this upcoming launch is a pioneering effort by Vu and Flipkart to meet that demand. Flipkart’s services arm, Jeeves, also ensures fast and quality installations and service which today’s customer also requires.”


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