As days goes on we are getting more and more news for the thin smartphones which are going to be launch in future, recently Oppo has launched its Oppo R5, which is the thinnest smartphone of the world as of now measuring just 4.85mm. Now it seems Vivo Mobile is gearing up for the launch of world’s most thinnest device which might measure just 3.8mm. This Chinese vendor has taken micro blogging website Sina Weibo to tease.



As per the teaser, in which Vivo has compared its upcoming device with iPhone 5S and Liliputing estimation, this device will measure only 3.8mm, this thin profile has been achieved only through the art of engineering.

We hope Vivo hasn’t compromised with the quality and features of smartphone as Oppo has taken down 3.5mm Audio jack from its Oppo R5, however R5 also miss microSD card slot, but it can be compensated by adding decent internal storage option.

We will see what Vivo Mobile has taken down and what sacrifices Vivo Mobile has made to achieve this thin profile in smartphone once this smartphone goes official.

We will keep a close eye on this news, so stay tuned and if you have any news or wanna share anything then use comment section below.


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