There are plenty of fitness bands which you can buy at this time here in India, which do gives you a choice which one you should buy, but at the same time it creates hell lots of confusion among buyers, at this point of time, there is only one watchmaker who is also selling fitness band here in India, its Timex who had launched its Timex Ironman Move X20 earlier this year in India, however it was launched last year in August in US market.

Timex IronmanMove X20

Design And Built Timex Ironman Move X20 :-

Timex Ironman Move X20 is simple and easy to use fitness band which you can easily wear on your hand, it comes with nice strap which locks it nicely and doesn’t let band slip out of your hand. There are lots of color options available from which you can choose, we have got classic black variant for our review. The band is soft, on the other hand main module is hard and you might feel itching due to the sweat on your wrist.

Timex Ironman MoveX20 Outdoor

The overall design of band looks very similar to of other fitness bands available in the market, the screen is sharp and shiny which lets you view every details on it, there are two buttons, one for home and the other for next/select.

Timex Ironman Move X20 Charger

This band comes with a awkward charger which requires you to connect two pin with Timex Ironman Move X20, as there is no hole in the band for charging, its fully water resistance, I took shower with it and even went for swimming, and it work fine.

Screen Timex Ironman Move X20 :-

Timex Ironman Move X20 Screen

Timex Ironman Move X20 has a hard screen which sits just in the center of band, it seems screen is made up of some good quality plastic, its shiny and works very well, both indoor and outdoor, we have noticed that its more vibrant than most of the other bands available in market. When you press any of the buttons screen turns on for almost five seconds which is good enough to see the details.

Battery :-

This is the one segment on Timex has really work hard, most of the fitness band requires you to charge in 2-3 days, but here with Timex Ironman Move X20, I can easily live without charger for 6-7 days, if I charge it fully once.

The charger of Timex Ironman Move X20 is one of the awkward I have ever seen, it requires you to tie up charger with the band, once you do, you will feel that there is a band with your fitness band.

Timex Ironman Move X20 Usage :-

Timex Ironman Move X20 do more than you think, it work as your watch which shows time, count you steps, count calories burnt and also notifies you when you receive call on your cell phone, display caller ID and SMS on band.

It can record your workout sessions, all you need to do is start your session and it will show up in app, it comes with 3D accelerometer which can record your workout or steps way much better.

Timex Ironman Move X20 Select Device

Connecting with app is super simple, just turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, launch app and long press home button on band to initiate linking process, once app is connected, it will ask you to do some setting like your height, weight and some other stuffs, app was quite useful and easy to use. This band can hold upto 30 days of your workout data and 10 days of sleep data as well.

Timex Ironman Move X20 Info

You band call also sho weather information for your city, which is something useful and other fitness band were missing in them, there is also an find my phone feature which rings your phone is you use it.

Timex Ironman Move X20 App Home

Steps tracking is more accurate than most of the other fitness band and fake steps were taken off, by pressing home button on device you can cycle through different modes like Workout or Sleep, yes you need to manually enter into sleep mode, however it also has an auto mode in which it will enter into sleep mode at a fix time, but as I dont have a fix time to sleep so I kept it to manual mode, in our test it shows detailed report with deep and light sleep information which is quite useful.

Timex Ironman Move X20 Activity

Sleep Tracking On Timex Ironman Move X20 :-

Timex says it analysis your sleeping patterns in order to make it better, so when you go to bed, you have to press home button three time, long press Play button, it will say Good Night to you, in morning when you wake up, you do the same and it will greet you with Good Morning.

Timex Ironman Move X20 Sleep

Now go to your app and sync, it will shows your sleep pattern in a graphical form, it shows at what time you went to sleep, whats your light sleep duration and whats your deep sleep duration.

What are things I didnt liked on Timex Ironman Move X20 :-

First this which I didnt liked on Timex Ironman Move X20 is its charger, seriously my half motivation goes out when I think of its charger, its like you are wrapping another band to your band, seriously Timex need to work on it

Second thing which is didnt liked on Timex Ironman Move X20 is its hard buttons, it okay to provide buttons, but they should be little soft, here it seems I am pressing a key on 80s typewriter.

Should I buy Timex Ironman Move X20 ?

Well there are lots of options in fitness band segment in market, and most of them are cheaper than Timex Ironman Move X20. It do comes with very good steps counting, bright screen, simple app and provide some other good options, but still that charger is frustrating for me, thank god I only need to charge once in a week other wise I could have stop using it. But still we think its way more price than it should be.


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