Few days back I changed my room and my new room is at the corner of the house and my Office Room is at the center of house which has my WiFi router as soon as I moved to my new room I am getting low or you can say no connection in my room, I checked my WiFi connection and it was good and working very fine.

It was truly a case of week signal due to lots of obstacle like walls and other between my room and router. Then I planned to go and get a WiFi Repeater, a WiFi Repeater is a device which boost your WiFi signal and allows you to get better signal as compare to earlier.


The one I got is Huawei WS320, its a small device which all you need to plug into your wall electric socket and you are ready to go. It will scan your SSID and then extend (boost) its signal. Simple isn’t it?

When you unbox it you will just find a repeater and when I plugged it into my wall and setup, then I quickly went to my room and results were amazing, now I was getting full signal instead of none.

I decided to compare both without Repeater and with Repeater and launched WiFi Analyzer app on my Android phone and results are as follows :-


In above image (look into TechnoArea SSID) red one was without Repeater and Blue one with it, you can see how much difference is there.

Final Verdict :- If you are too not getting proper signal at any part of your house then you must try this repeater as it will extent your WiFi signal and you will get proper connectivity. You can get this WiFi repeater for Rs. 1932.49 or $ 41.99 on MobileFun.


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