Nowadays our smartphone’s camera is becoming more and more powerful day by day, and very soon that day will come when these smartphone’s will take on market of point and shot camera’s. These days mobile manufacturers are adding more and more features to their camera so that you never feel to take your digital camera along with you and you can do basic (sometime more than basic also) photography with your smartphone.

Optical And Digital Zoom

But when you listen features of these smartphone’s camera then you must have came across with a term which says Digital Zoom while on most of the point and shot camera or on your digital camera you must have heard about Optical Zoom, well both allows you to zoom into the subject then what’s the difference between them?

Yes both allows you to zoom into your subject and get a better view of it on your view finder and take picture of it, but there is a big difference among both of them.

Lets start with Optical Zoom, what this does is, it uses optics (lens) to bring your subject closer to you and then you will get proper view of it and you can take its picture, one thing you need to note is that while using Optical Zoom you do not lose your image quality.

If we talk about Digital Zoom then when you zoom into a subject using this then, Digital Zoom then it takes the center portion of the image and enlarge it, in simple words you can say, it corps an image and enlarge it for you and in this you lose your image quality too.

So Digital Zoom is not a zoom at all, its just cropping your image which you can also do in any image editing software’s like Adobe Photoshop, so next time when you see a camera advertised as 3x Digital Zoom then you can say it not a big deal I can achieve the same on my computer.

Closing Words

Optical Zoom is a true zoom and it uses camera lens to zoom into a subject and while using this you does not lose your image quality, on the other hand Digital zoom just crop your entire image and then digitally zoom your photo, while doing this you lose your image quality.

While purchasing a camera or smartphone do not go for digital zoom and instead go with optical zoom which will gives better quality pictures to you.


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