If you use internet then you must have heard a word called DNS, well DNS aka Domain Name System is a very popular term in internet and its very important too. We all know that every website has its own IP address, when you type address of any website then it will be redirected to its IP address, but you ever try to find out Who redirect you to the IP address of any domain.

DNS resolve any human readable domain name like www.technoarea.in into machine readable IP address like, it also serve other information’s about domain name like its mail service and all.

In simple words you can say that if you know any persons name (domain name) but forget its phone number then DNS will help you to find phone number (IP address).


How DNS Works?

When you try to visit a website then your computer follows some steps with which you will be able to visit that website.

Step 1 :- Looking Requested Information In Cache

When you request for any website your computer try to resolve its IP address, first it looks into local DNS cache and checks whether you had visited that website earlier or not. If it resolve locally then it will display webpage to you if not then it proceed to second step.

Step 2 :- Ask Your ISP DNS

Now your computer will query your ISP’s DNS, they had there own DNS cache and your computer tries to find out IP address of your requested website. Mostly your process ends here, if not then we move to next step

Step 3 :- Ask Root Name Servers

Root Name servers are the computers which holds almost all details of every domains like its IP address. Currently there are 13 root name servers in the world and they are responsible for running internet, if ever these 13 root name servers goes down then worlds internet will stop.

Step 4 ;- Get Information From TLD

Root Name Servers will redirect you to TLD after looking into your domain, like if your are visiting www.technoarea.in then name server will send your .in TLD servers and then those servers redirect us to your domains servers.

Step 5 :- Get Data

At last you will be served with your website and information, if still you cant find website then there must be some problem between your computer and DNS servers.


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