Siri is one of the most well build tool which Apple has introduced in iPhone 4S and now with iOS 6 coming this fall Siri will also comes to the new iPad or iPad 3.

Samsung ha also introduced S-Voice in its Galaxy S III and even Micromax has launched AISHA, an voice assistance tool in its Superfone Ninja series.

Now it seems that BlackBerry is to working on an Voice assistance tool which will come in BlackBerry 10 devices. Earlier this week BlackBerry has pushed a new Beta version to its developers which features an Siri like voice assistance tool.

N4BB has reported that you can access this new voice assistance tool by pressing Play/Pause button or you can say button between two volume rockers. Once you press that button an voice command say that say your command after and Beep.

The beep sound seems very similar to the Siri one. By using this Voice assistance you can make search, make call, send SMS and so on. Currently its in Beta phase so we hope BlackBerry will include much more in it.

You can take a look at the video below to know more :-


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