Many times we capture photos from out camera like DSLR which are very large in size and if your are going them to share on Facebook or Twitter or try to send it via eMail then you will find your self if trouble.

Fotosizer is a freeware tool which allows you to resize single images or whole image folder and then you can share it online or offline. Fotosizer can work with different formats like TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP.


Its very easy to use app, all you need to do is import images either by clicking on image or folder icon or just drag and drop files into it, tweak with setting as per needs and select your destination folder, that’s it.

Features of Fotosizer :-

  • Choose to resize by percentage of width and height
  • Choose to set custom width and height
  • Maintain aspect ratio
  • Choose where the resized images will be saved
  • Change image quality
  • Parameterised output filenames: Choose the format of the output filenames using parameters such as new image width/height, current date, number of image in the list being resized.
  • “Auto-save” of settings on exit
  • Resize portrait and landscape photos at the same time.
  • Resize quickly and easily using a preset list of sizes including iPod, iPhone, and Sony PSP screen sizes.
  • Change Print DPI settings.

Final Words :-

In out test we find it quite useful and easy to use, some of its features are not available on free version, like save images to ZIP, Brightness/Contrast/Hue/Saturation adjustments and some more.



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