YouTube is testing new design on there website, some users has been invited by YouTube to test this brand new design by sending emails.

But if you haven’t got any invite but still wanna test this new design then here is a simple way to get it right now.

Here we go:-

  • Open YouTube on your browser,
  • Now you need to open Developer Tools, so for it press following buttons according to your browser :-

Mozilla Firefox – CTRL+SHIFT+K

Internet Explorer – F12


Google Chrome – CTRL+SHIFT+J

  • Once developer tools is loaded move to Console box and copy paste following code in and press Enter :-



  • Now just Reload your page and that’s it you will get new YouTube design instantly.


P.S. If you don’t like this new look and wanna revert back then just clear your browsers cookies or repeat above steps and use following code in 3rd step :-


Thanks to Martin for sharing this…


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