Reliance has already shocked Indian telecom market with its 4G network, Reliance Jio, we can see long queue right outside of Reliance Stores to get a Jio SIM so that they can enjoy Welcome Offer from Jio in which calls, SMS, and data will be made free of cost to you by Reliance Jio until 31st December 2016. However, there are lots of things which needs to be settled and it will happen as we move closer to the commercial launch of Reliance Jio which will happen next year.

Reliance Jio

To enjoy Reliance Jio Welcome Offer, the only thing which you need is a 4G enabled smartphone, and if it is a VoLTE capable device then it will also allow you to make free calls for the lifetime. You can check Reliance Jio Plan, Price and all.

If you are want to keep your existing number with you and enjoy Reliance Jio then that can be done by porting your number, but this won’t be happening at this time but we have got news that Reliance Jio will start accepting porting request soon.

Here are the steps which you have to follow to port your number to Reliance Jio :-

  • First, you need to get Unique Port Code (UPC), for this type PORT “mobile number”, eg. PORT 1234567890 and send it to 1900
  • Within few minutes you will get a Unique Port Code (UPC) via SMS, it will be valid for next 15 days, you need to keep this number with you till your number is ported to Reliance Jio
  • With original and photocopies of your ID proof, Address Proof and a passport size photo, head to Reliance Digital, Digital Xpress Mini or Jio partner Store and ask them customer application form and fill it, do enter your UPC in the form.
  • A new Reliance Jio SIM will be provided to you which can be used as Nano, Micro or Mini SIM
  • You will remain on your existing for next few days and you will be charged Rs.19 for this, you will get an SMS which states the estimated time when your old SIM stop working and you can start using new Reliance Jio SIM.

Note :- None of you balance and offer will be carried forward, so make sure you don’t have much balance your number. Porting will start from 5 September 2016 and you will be able to enjoy Welcome Offer as well.


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