Christmas and new year is just few steps away from us, at TechnoArea we had decided to celebrate it with our reader and that’s why we are here with another giveaway, this time we had decided to giveaway multiple prizes and they are brand new Motorola Moto X and Motorola Moto G, and few other goodies which we hadnt decided yet.


Just take part in this giveaway by using below widget :-

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Rules :-

  • Winner will be selected randomly and cannot be changed
  • One winner can win one gift, if you win a prize then you are not eligible for other prizes available in this giveaway.
  • Winner need to respond within 3 days of announcing it, if he/she failed then we will select another one
  • Selection of winner cannot be challenged in anyways, not even legally
  • Winner cannot claim money in exchange of their prizes
  • This giveaway is open for anyone, even for readers outside of India
  • Prize will be shipped by our client and can take upto 3-5 weeks to reach you,
  • We will pay shipping charges
  • Its you and only you who will pay any kind of custom duty or any other kind of duty imposed by your country law

Update :- Our lucky winners for this giveaway are Mohit & Jyoti, you both win a Motorola Moto X and Moto G respectively.

  • Mike M

    I need this as my other phone is quite old.

  • Askanag

    Because I like good gadgets.
    Best regards!

  • Wayne Chen

    I want you!!!!

  • steve weber

    I need it because my phone is so slow!

  • steve weber

    I need it because my phone is so slow!

  • Sonia Gupta

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  • nick

    good luck to all

  • j4m3z

    I need to upgrade to a new phone because my old phone is problematic. Thanks.

  • samkar

    Why you need Motorola Moto X Or Moto G

    Because i'm using very old fashioned phone, and can't afford to buy a new one.

  • Shannon M

    I need the moto x because my phone has gotten very old and slow. Could use a nice fast new phone.

  • Asriel Rusdyawan

    I really like Motorola Based Smartphone.
    But still it is unreachable by me.
    So I wish to win this Competition.

  • Andrey Ingenicki

    I need this
    because I like cool smartphones!

  • Šimon Slávik

    I would like to own some of Motorola, because it is good brand.

  • vinay patil

    I want Motorola Moto X Or Moto G to upgrade my old Galaxy S2 🙂

  • Stanley Hemerson

    My iPhone 4 isn't working too well anymore, so a new phone would be a bad idea.

  • gauravbelong15

    i want moto x because my galaxy pop gingerbread is way too old now

  • Travis Thomas

    I would like the Moto X because I have never had a motorola phone. The new windows looks quite interesting and would love to give it a try. Thanks for the oppertunity to win this super phone.
    Happy Holidays

  • N2fw

    my wife's S3 is dying and she longs for the Google experience

  • Daniel Herrera

    I want the Moto X because my phone is very old. I have a Nokia C3 🙁

  • veenu gupta

    I use the old fashioned phones.Hope i win this new phone

  • I want Moto X or Moto G for OTA updates from Google.

  • John Broome

    My phone is pretty old, I could use a new one!

  • Todd Fields

    I need a new phone

  • denisesnyder

    I think it would be a really neat phone to have!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Crystal Rose

    My dad could use a new phone and I'd love to give him one.

  • Tammy Woodall

    My current cellphone is ancient. You can't even take a photo is you wanted to – because it does not even have that feature. The phone I have is the old flip phone they came out with like a decade ago. This Motorola phone would be great. Thanks for the chance.

  • Mohit

    Moto X and Moto G comes with latest Android updates and will get software update directly from Google

  • Jyoti

    Other manufacturer has lots of phones in their pipeline and they forget to support onld one but here Motorola has only 2 phone and will provide better support

  • Molli Knowles

    i have no phone at the moment and i never get new gadgts… idont NEED it, but it would be nice!

  • Martha Balderson

    Thanks for contest.

  • Martha Balderson

    I really want this.

  • Crystal Englot

    I really need to upgrade my cell phone from my old LG Rumour

  • gauravbelong15

    Who is the winner?