Sometime while surfing internet we find some links on a page which we want to open in background without leaving the current page, you could do this by pressing Ctrl and clicking on the link.

But in this case you had to press key means you had to use keyboard and put some extra effort, but for a lazy person like me, wants a easy work.

If you are a Opera fan and use Opera browser then here is an extension for you which allows you to open links in background tabs without pressing Ctrl, you just have to long press the link and then it will be opened in the background.

Extension is named Open In Background With Long Press, after installing extension just long press any link and Opera will open it in background tab.

You can install it from below link :-

Install Long Press

P.S.If extension is not working then you must set Ctrl+F12->Advanced->Content->Javascript options->Allow lowering of windows.


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