From quite a few days we are seeing OnePlus is teasing for the launch for its drone, and today to give a break to all this rumors, right on the occasion of April Fool, company has launched its Dr-1 drone but its not that which well were expecting from company. Company is teasing this product and its nothing just a tiny little quadcopter, as product is real but its not that which we have expected.

OnePlus Drone

OnePlus DR-1 is an 70mm wingspan little toy drone which comes at the price tag of $19.99 which is Rs 1,250 approximately, company claims that the DR-1 is the smallest drone in the world and comes with a remote that lets you fly it. Its battery takes 20 minutes to get fully charge and on this amount of charge it will gives you only  5-8 minutes of flight time.

If you are thinking what will be its usage then company says it will be perfect for flight-racing with your friends, as told you earlier it comes with at a price tag of $19.99 but OnePlus is giving away a free drone to India users, all you need to do is visit OnePlus Facebook page and enter in the contest.


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