After few hours Google I/O 2014 will kick off, Google I/O is Google’s developers invite only conference which is going to be held at San Francisco. If couldn’t make your way to Google I/O then you can follow few blogs for latest news and announcement.


If you want to watch it live then Google has made an arrangement for you, you can watch it live HERE. It will start at 9:00 PDT or 9:30 IST.

This time Google could make set of announcement like we could see first glimpse Google’s Android Wear which will be exclusive OS for wearable devices, Android’s latest flavor “L” could be announce, and we could get some update of Google Glass too. Some rumors suggest Google could unveil Smart Home which could help you to control your home. And yes if we were lucky enough then we could see Nexus 9 or Android Silver.

Well it will be fun and we will see some amazing announcement from Google after few hours. Stay tuned we will report what Google has announced.


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