Nowadays our smartphones can do almost any task which earlier can be possible only through desktop but this comes at the cost of your battery, as much as task you perform on your phone as soon as your phone’s battery will die. Earlier we had reviewed KIT 10400 mAh battery bank, today we have its bigger brother KIT 15,000 mAh Dual-USB Emergency Charger



First Impression

Kit 15,000 mAh Dual-USB Emergency Charger arrived in a non branded box with just a barcode labeled on it. When I open this unbranded box I got a battery pack and an USB cable with few connectors like 30 Pin iPhone connector, a Micro USB and a Min USB connector, which you can us to charge your devices.


If we talk about battery pack then it comes in glossy black color, due to its glossy finish it can sport fingerprints easily on it. As being such a powerful 15,000 mAh battery pack you can expect it to weight like your phone but still its light weight if we compare it with other battery pack in market and its small which can fit into your jeans pocket. When I received, its fully charged and ready to go. There were no user manuals inside box and I don’t think we need it, right?


Build Quality

Its body is made up of some light weight metal and has glossy finish over it, at front it has dual USB ports,  one of which is labeled 5v 2.1A, which is usually for tablets and another one is labeled 5v 1A, which is for phones. At back it has Mini USB port for charging itself.



As being such a powerful battery pack you can charge almost any device, whether its tablet or phone multiple times with it. In my test I had charged my iPad Air, iPhone, Lumia 625 and Kobo Arc very easily. When I was travelling I had fully charged my iPhone 5 8 times without any issue. You can dual charge your phone and tablet at the same time. You will only find a on button on this power bank and if its not used for 15 seconds then it will turn off automatically. As it’s a powerful battery pack, it takes quite a long time to get charged.


Pros :-

  • Easy too use
  • Comes with handy connectors
  • Can charge two devices at the same time
  • It can hold charge for maximum 2-3 weeks

Cons :-

  • Prone fingerprints due to glossy finish

You can get this Kit 15,000 mAh Dual-USB Emergency Charger £34.99 on MobileFun.

Kit High Power 15,000mAh Dual USB Emergency Charger
Reviewed by Rahul Sharma on March 24 2014
Rating: 4.5


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