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Yes you read it correctly and even I wrote it correctly, Recently many websites says that Apple is going to launch iPad 2 here in India on 28-29 of April, the news was little surprising as just 3 months ago Apple launched iPad 1.

So to know more about this news I tried to contact official Apple partners in India like iStore via Twitter and mail, in reply to mail they said that they don’t had any confirm news on this and as they get they will update me.

I was not satisfied by the reply of iStore then I decided to personally visit Apple Stores, an today was Sunday means my off from college so I visited 2 Apple Store in Gurgaon.

Both stores told me that they don’t had any confirm news but I can expect iPad 2 very soon in India, which I was told on mail too.

Ok then when I ask them about the iPad 1 they said that they had left with no more iPad units and Apple is not shipping more units of iPad 1 to them from US which also indicates that Apple is going to launch iPad on 28-29 of April.

Price :-

Price is one factor which all of must wanna know, well Apple hasn’t increased its price in US market so it means you can expect iPad 2 at the same cost of iPad 1, means :-

Storage Wi-Fi Version (Rs.) Wi-Fi + 3G Version (Rs.)
16 GB 27,900 34,900
32 GB 32,900 39,900
64 GB 37,900 44,900

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