We all know, our smartphone uses frequency waves to transmit data, and these waves travel from your phone to nearest cellular tower. In many studies, it was found the waves which travel between your phone and cellular towers are harmful and can lead to several health-related problems. This radiation affects our brain cells and it can cause several diseases like cancer, chest pain, heart related issue and much more.

Recently Syenergy Envrionics (company who had developed Enviro Chip”, which is a Radiation Protector Chip for Mobile Phones, Computers, Mobile Towers, Workspaces etc.) in partnership with Technopak, conducted a research on the growth of mobile phones, awareness about radiation on from the devices, the acceptability amongst people to use product preventing radiation, and diseases caused by EMF radiation.

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We all had seen tremendous increase in the use of mobile phone in India, in 2000, only 3.1 million phone was there, which has raised up to 919 million in 2015, WHO has also said that cell phones and towers are the major sources of radiation.

Infographic Radiation

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