Most of us are loving Apple new iPhone 5 which they had launched some weeks ago, iPhone remains in the top choice of most of the users but this new phone is not available everywhere yet.

If you own an Android phone then you can convert it too look like iPhone 5, a XDA developer has just launch Fake iPhone 5 app in Google Play which allows you to get iPhone 5 like clean look in your Android phone. To use this app you must be running Android 2.1 or above.


After installing you will see some apps icons which were not on your phone like Passbook but when you tap on it you will see an advertisement which means its an ad supported launcher. We had tested it on Samsung Galaxy S III and it worked fine.

By default it comes with 4 rows icons but you can switch to 5 rows too.If you wanna switch to your older launcher then you can do by pressing Menu key –> Advance->Switch launcher. It work fine on Android ICS and Jelly Bean too.


  • Most realistic iPhone skin on the market.
  • Fully functional home screen replacement.
  • Beautiful icon effects – all installed apps are styled.
  • Comes with 16 default apps on the first page.
  • Custom wallpapers supported!
  • Swipe-to-Search available – just swipe left at the main screen.


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