After so much of leaks and rumors finally Nokia has announced its much awaited Lumia 1020 in an event. It is the first Windows Phone 8 phone from Nokia which has got 41 MP PureView camera from PureView 808.

We had expected Nokia will announe this phone last year but Nokia has announced Lumia 920 which also features PureView camera, it’s the first phone to come with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).

The main feature of this Lumia phone is its 41 Mega Pixel camera with f/2.2 sensor which uses technique called oversampling which combines 7 pixels into 1 super pixel and create 5-megapixel images which has the details of a 41-megapixel image. What this means is it allows you to digitally zoom into a subject without loosing image’s quality.

It also allows you to capture 4x zoom at 1080p resolutions and 6x zoom at 720p resolutions with oversampling technique.

So in total we can say that Lumia 1020 has features of 3 phones, it has got PureView camera from PureView 808, got OIS from Lumia 920 and 6 element lens from Lumia 925. OIS allows you to capture blur free images with longer exposure.

It has got LED flash at back which will work with videos and Xenon flash with images. If you have Lumia 1020 then you will have best camera phone which gives run to all point and shot camera.

As other specs are concerned it is powered by dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor ticking at 1.5GHz along with 2GB of RAM, it has 32 GB internal memory with no microSd card option.

It has got 4.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280×768 pixels, and houses a 2,000 mAh battery. It do supports wireless charging with additional back covers. At front it has 1.2 mp camera.

No doubt Nokia has created a fabulous phone but it still lacks behind other smartphone in market. The main issue is that it runs on Windows Phone 8 and its store has got only 1.6 Lacs apps, due to strict nature of Windows Phone, Nokia has to create a separate app for Camera called Camera Pro.

Nokia Pro App allows you to have quick access to settings like ISO, white balance, metering, shutter speed and exposure. It runs on Amber update which brings Bluetooth 4.0, double tap unlock and low power clock.

It comes pre-installed with some apps like Nokia Music, Nokia Mix radio, the Here Maps suite, Nokia Smart camera and Nokia Rich Recording.

Overall if we comepare it with other smartphones which are in market like HTC One, Smasung Galaxy S IV then Lumia 1020 still behind as it still has 720p screen resolution while other using 1080p screen resolution.


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