This tutorial is only for learning purpose only,We are not responsible for the use of this information in any kind.And we are also not responsible for any harm cause by this to you or with your device or with any.Try this at your OWN RISK

We all know that iPhone 4 and iPad uses Micro sim card to run.The difference between Standard Sim card and Micro Sim card is just of size.The Standard Sim is of 1.5×2.5 cm,

and Micro Sim is of 1.2×1.5 cm.

Now here is the method to convert your Standard Sim into Micro Sim.

  • First take a Pen/Marker and with the help of scale measure your standard Sim card and make the mark.

  • Now with the help of cutter or scissor cut the outer portion of the marked Sim,Do this job very very carefully so that you dont cut the golden portion of the Sim,if you harm the golden portion then your Sim will not work and you have to buy a new Sim.
  • That’s it,Now you have a Micro Sim card just put it in your iPad or iPhone 4 to test


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