Many times we download some files from internet and after their use we dump it or you can say we just delete it and then it goes to Recycle Bin.

As that file is in Recycle Bin then later anyone can restore it any see it,And one more thing is that if you forget to delete then it will also occupy space of your Hard Disk.

I am running 3 Windows on my 1 machine (Windows XP, Windows Vista And Windows 7),I use Windows 7 usually and other 2 rarely so files which I deleted on XP or Vista keeps itself on Recycle Bin.

RecycleBinEx is a free and easy to use tool,The main things which I like of it that it will delete files from your Recycle Bin after specific days.All you need to do is set date.

You can manage your deleted files from it, When you open it you will find all your deleted files with some more info like Date and Time, Hard drive etc.


Under options you can specify the days after which you want your Recycle Bin clean,


Uou can also manage its settings or it from Recycle Bin context menu so you don’t have to look around for it just right click on Recycle Bin.


You may use following link to download it :-

Download link


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