OnePlus has started rolling out another update for its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 3. Recently OnePlus team was in question as many reviewers said that despite being 6GB of RAM, the device performs almost same as a 4GB RAM device do, however, there is a workaround to fix it but it is not an official one and even some has said there were facing battery issue after that fix

OnePlus 3

Video Guide :-

Now this latest update comes with RAM management improvement and it also brings sRGB mode which adds more natural color reproduction to the AMOLED display. This is an OTA update and might take some time to reach you if you want to get it now then you can update your device manually by the following tutorial.

First, make sure you have install Android ADB and fastboot drivers on your computer, if not then you can grab them from here, once you have install, grab the suitable update file for you.

Now once you have downloaded the file, move it to a folder for your convenience, next thing, make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your device, for this first navigate to Setting->About and then tap 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer options, next go to Setting->Developers options and enable USB Debugging.

Now connect your phone to your computer and open that folder where you have kept downloaded file and press and hold Shift key on your keyboard and right-click on the empty area inside the folder, and select Open Command Prompt Here.

Now you have to run following command, first make sure your device is connected, for this type :-

adb device

It should list your device there if not then type adb kill-server” and then adb start-server” and then again run above command

Now we have to reboot into recovery, for this type :-

adb reboot recovery

Your device will be booted into recovery mode, now select Select Install from ADB on your phone, and now again type following command :-

adb device

Now it should display your device name along with sideload flashing next to it. Now we have to sideload the downloaded file, for this type :-

adb sideload

Now grab a coffee as it gonna take some time, once its done, don’t reboot, first wipe the cache and the reboot it, first boot is always slow and it gonna take some time, so don’t panic.

Once it’s booted up, you have the latest OxygenOS with you on your OnePlus 3 device. In our short time, we noticed that RAM management has been improved and there is no significant affect on battery as of now.


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